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The ULTRA FILTRATION system is a portable, trailer mounted filter/separator designed to remove particulate, free water and emulsified water, whereby eliminating expensive maintenance and minimizing equipment down-time.

The entire system is installed in a customized trailer-van with a separate equipment and operator room. The ULTRA FILTRATION system is designed for 24 hour operation and for use under rugged conditions.

FSI International Services Ltd. are custom equipment experts for the global oil, chemical and petrochemical protection industries. We carry a wide range of products and services including:

- Filter Vessels and Filter Media,

- Salt Brine Blending Plants (Russia),

- Chemical Blending Plants (Russia),

- Polymer Blending Plants (Russia),

- High Volume Filtration/Water Injection Packages (Russia)

- Carbon Absorbing Vessels,

- MOLE Drill Cuttings Cleaning Systems,

- AquaShield Water Removal Filters,