Aquashield - Water and Particulate Filters
Theory of Operation


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4&5 Series
7 Series

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Theory of Operation AquaShield offers the newest advancement in large diameter spin-on filters. These filters are manufactured to meet a broad scope of cleansing requirements in a wide range of applications. Where rapid absorption of water from the hydrocarbon stream is necessary, AquaShield provides high speed, mildly cross-linked polymers. In situations where superior retention and strength is most important, AquaShield offers a highly cross-linked polymer that exhibits superior holding capabilities and life.

Primary applications for AquaShield filters include:

  • fuel dispensers (gasoline and diesel)
  • hydraulic fluid systems
  • water removal from air systems
  • natural gas systems
  • oils (lube oil, etc.)
  • glycol

AquaShield filters remove solid contaminants in the same manner as a normal spin-on filter. They are designed to remove from the liquid being filtered all particles larger than 10 microns.

In addition to the standard particulate media, a super-absorbent polymer is laminated into a second layer of fiberglass media within the filter housing. This polymer -- capable of absorbing 300 times its weight in water -- is unaffected by hydrocarbons.

The above diagrams illustrate the flow of the fluid through the water absorbing and particulate trapping media.

The universal mounting system employed in the AquaShield "U" filters will reduce your inventory requirements dramatically.

These bushings are designed to fit precisely into the throat of the filter and on to virtually all filter posts. AquaShield lets you adapt all of your equipment to one filter size.