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4&5 Series
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4&5 Series
7 Series

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All AquaShield models are designed for:

  • fuel dispensers
  • hydraulic and gear oils
  • compressed air
  • natural gas

AquaShield models remove:

  • free water
  • emulsified water
  • entrained water
  • particulate contaminants

AquaShield "D" Series

Designed primarily for the "Gilbarco" fuel dispenser

AS405D10 (Specifications)

AquaShield "F" Series

Designed primarily for engine-mounted fuel filter replacement

AS405F10 (Specifications)

AS409F10 (Specifications)

AquaShield "H" Series

Designed primarily for fuel dispensers, hydraulics, air, etc.

AS405H10 (Specifications)

AS409H10 (Specifications)

AS507H10 (Specifications)

AS511H10 (Specifications)

AS511H30 (Specifications)

AquaShield "7" Series Filter Elements

Removable water and particulate cartridges (non-self-contained) for use in a variety filtration vessels (such as the AS-P100 Filter Buggy)

ASW71805 Water and Particulate Removal Filter Element (Specifications)

ASP7180 Series Particulate Removal Filter Elements (Specifications)

AquaShield Accessories

AquaShield Filter Heads

AquaShield Bushings

AquaShield Air Kits

Specialized AquaShield Equipment AS-P100 Portable Filter Buggy